Spaced Out – Your Weekly Poetry Prompt 3/11/2022

Our prompt this week is Spaced Out. Line breaks and punctuation are our go-to’s for pacing and pausing a reader. This prompt is to explore spacing between words as another way to force the reader to pause, creating tension and suspense as the action of your poem progresses.

Write out one large action and use spacing to draw the reader into the pacing and tension that fits your scene. Don’t be shy and don’t follow any predetermined rules, just take up the space necessary for your flow – use the entire page if you have to.

Tip: If you are not familiar with switching your blog editor to HTML editing and inserting non-breaking spaces, you will need to post an image of your poem to maintain the spacing. Web browsers will ignore multiple spaces in text unless a non-breaking space code is inserted into the HTML. (Click this for more about editing the HTML)

As always, please share your poem in the comments and I will be happy to read it and share my thoughts.

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