Assonance – Your Weekly Poetry Prompt 1/28/2022

Our prompt this week is Assonance.

Create a brief list of words that have a similar vowel sound. Then, using your list as a guide, write a poem that uses assonance in one or several places. Be sure to read your poem out lout to yourself to hear the musicality that these sounds added to your poem.

A long look at assonance can be found here: studiobinder – what is assonance
(a shorter one can be found by re-reading the line above, or the image below)

As always, please share your poem in the comments and I will be happy to read it and share my thoughts.

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10 thoughts on “Assonance – Your Weekly Poetry Prompt 1/28/2022

  1. Love your prompts. Here’s my little take on assonance:

    Cosmic Morse Code

    The light of a dead star
    still sparkles in my night sky,
    relentlessly spelling messages
    into the darkness of destiny.
    I don’t speak sun.
    I know it reads:
    Sing your song,
    even if nobody listens.
    Your story will find a home,
    one day.

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