Shopping – Your Weekly Poetry Prompt 11/5/2021

Our prompt this week is Shopping. Write your own poem about a shopping experience.
I will be posting a Pantoum for this one on Monday so give that form a try if you like.

Pantoum Description: Like the villanelle, lines are repeated throughout the poem. The poem can be any length but the rule is that the second and fourth lines of one quatrain will be repeated in the next as the first and third lines. This pattern repeats until the final stanza when the first and third lines are taken from the second and fourth lines of the second to last quatrain, the second line of the last is taken from the third line of the first stanza and finally the last line of the poem will be the same as the opening line in the first stanza. (from Dan Gilbert’s The Poet’s Cookbook)

The written description of the Pantoum can be a little confusing so it might be helpful to look at some of the examples here: Pantoum | Academy of American Poets

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