Triggers – Your Weekly Poetry Prompt 12/25/2020

  • What triggers do you have?
  • How do you sooth your intense pain when triggered?
  • How do you avoid your triggers altogether?

A trigger (in this context) is something that causes you to react at a 10 when most would respond at a 1 to 4. It’s as sensitive as a third degree burn where even something intended to sooth, like a warm bath, causes intense pain. (holidays like Christmas can be a source of triggers for many people)

There are many communities that offer support for feelings of intense pain, churches offer these types of communities. Christian churches offer Christ to wear your pain as a crown of thorns and bear your guilt as a cross on his back. People come together every week to help you with your process of unburdening these things.

This is not intended to be a religious message but it is intended to be an invitation this Christmas. Please find the support you need to understand and sooth your triggers. I invite you to be at peace this Christmas.

a match triggered into fire
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