Connection – Your Weekly Poetry Prompt 12/11/2020

  • What does connection feel like to you and(or) others?
  • What do you connect to? What are you disconnected from?

I look forward to your links and comments in response.
Thanks to the kind request, here is my contribution:

That grip in the pit of your guts
may let go in a warm embrace.
The distance that must be covered
is the journey we all must face.

Inner fears that block our path
must exist outside the present.
Pain from failed past actions
become triggers that you resent.

No relief will come from distance,
only the ease of feeling numb.
Revealing the cracks in your armor,
will allow an embrace to come.

Once held in a warm connection,
tears and joy can flow.
Moving forward with a true partner
allows the grip on your guts to let go.

Everything is connected
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