Reflection – Your Weekly Poetry Prompt 10/2/2020

On hands and knees at the river bank
you gaze past smooth rocks to see your reflection;
a slick, wavy surface, a constant flow of you.
You’re ever changing but always familiar,
thoughts flow by, never to pass the same way again.
To others you’re still and consistent.
But you are never still,
you, are always flowing,
always seeking-

-Write about what the word “reflection” brings to mind. Is it past or present?

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Gasoline – Your Weekly Poetry Prompt 9/18/2020

When someone keeps holding a match to your feet, get out a can of gasoline, they tend to blow out the match.

You can put out a fire with gasoline, you just have to let go of the fear of what gets burned.

-Gasoline can fuel a lot of things but it always comes with a price. Write your own gasoline fueled masterpiece.

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Self Destruction – Your Weekly Poetry Prompt 9/11/2020

My progress report became a series of gasps that trailed off behind my actions as I stormed toward my own destruction.

-Write about a time of your own self-destruction. Did you witness yourself doing it or realize it later?

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The Agitation of What Could Be – Your Weekly Poetry Prompt 9/4/2020

I need to stop living with
the agitation of what could be,
wondering what’s out there
and what is in it for me.

-Write something about what might be and how it affects you now.

What could be
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Quiet Neighborhoods – Your Weekly Poetry Prompt 8/28/2020

I live in a quiet neighborhood,
most neighbors go to work each day
and spend evening time with their family.
Kids ride bikes and scooters all afternoon.

We hear the cries for social change
in a time of social distance.
We stay at home, hope for the best,
and won’t notice if it goes back to the way it was.

So raise up your leaders,
protect them from our tyranny through complacency,
put them in places we cannot ignore
and vote, god help you, vote.

quiet neighborhood
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Struggles of the Past – Your Weekly Poetry Prompt 8/21/2020

Where your story is today, really, really makes you change the beginning.

Two Haiku came to mind as I contemplated this:

Struggles of the past
if you’re successful today,
are a hero’s tale.

Struggles of the past
will be the crutch you lean on
if you’re still in pain.

Where your story is today
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