What do You Have to Lose? – My Weekly Poem 3/15/2021

Here is my poem for last week’s prompt, What do You Have to Lose?:

Life is Only Now

Death means losing everything
that will never come to be.
Things we thought would happen
that now must fade away.

Illness can take everything
we thought might come to be
and forces daily reckonings
of what must fade away.

A beautifully imagined future
can inspire daily toils
but it’s a path fraught with danger
as reality unfolds.

Live in the present, not the future,
unpack it in your mind.
Find hope and inspiration
letting reality unfold.

Old man with cane
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What do You Have to Lose? – Your Weekly Poetry Prompt 3/12/2021

  • What do you have to lose?
  • What do you hold on to?
  • Write a poem about loss, or hanging on, or both.
  • For an added (optional) challenge, write your poem without using these more obvious words (this will help you show, not tell):
    • Forever
    • Pain
    • Holding
broken mirror
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Routines – My Weekly Poem (Spoken Word w/ Audio) 3/8/2021

Here is my poem for last week’s prompt, Routines:

I recorded a reading of this poem because, god help me, people keep telling me how much they enjoy my voice during conference calls. Please post your reactions in comments. Your feedback may help me start, or save me from, a new habit. Find the audio recording of the poetry reading in the player below:

Routine Days

The past year gave new routines,
the many days of the same,
running together like raindrops
on a gloomy window pane.

Time hurried by
I kept standing still,
no use in making plans
so keeping busy, kept days filled.

The monumental markers
for this year have been erased,
no sign posts to guide their passing,
no moment to mark their place.

It is a year lost in time,
time we know is running out,
but it is a year we will remember
of that, I have no doubt.

Coffee and notebooks in front of a window
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Feeling Safe – A Weekly Prompted Poem 3/1/2021

Here is my poem (a Shakespearian Sonnet) for last week’s prompt, Feeling Safe:

The Shape of Safety

A shape must have at least four sides enclosed
to house something safely from the weather.
But desperation could use, I suppose,
a single side with the proper tether.
Though breeze let in from each and every side,
makes me pray that from above comes the worst.
When choosing between walls or roof to hide,
does shyness or weather decide the first?
Beset by wind, you would, of course, crave walls,
neighbors could also make you feel the same.
You would be amazed in your starlit halls,
that is, of course, until their came a rain.
I’ve dwelled a lot of places in my time,
so safe, I think not of weather or crime.

masked woman with umbrella
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Feeling Safe – Your Weekly Poetry Prompt 2/26/2021

  • Is safety a state of mind?
  • What makes you feel safe?
  • How do you know you ARE safe?
  • For an added (optional) challenge, write your poem about feeling safe without using these more obvious words:
    • Secure
    • Locked
    • Danger
    • Scared
Safely covered under blankets
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Joy – A Weekly Prompted Poem 2/22/2021

Here is my poem for last week’s prompt, Joy:

Here’s to joy
and gratitude
for each and every way
joy comes into our lives.

Here’s to running free
and cutting loose
from all limitations
you think you might have.

Here’s to living large
no matter how big you are.

Here’s to seeing the world
as there for you,
for laughter and play,
for love and support,
for a magical stop
on this long soul journey.

Rear View Mirror – A Weekly Prompted Poem 2/15/2021

Here is my poem for last week’s prompt, Rear View Mirror:

You will remember a moment,
back in the twenties,
when everything felt okay,
when all looked well in the world.

That moment will stand out
against all the chaos and fear
that was the constant focus,
that kept us all home, apart.

You will remember a time,
back in the twenties,
when so many seemed opposed to you
and far away from what you hold deer.

But they are not memories now,
they are real fears, real separations,
real ways in which we may do harm
or irreparable good.

Blank pages to fill in an unlined notebook
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Rear View Mirror – Your Weekly Poetry Prompt 2/12/2021

  • Things we see coming end up in the rear view mirror so quickly.
  • What will today look like tomorrow?
  • What do rear view mirrors bring to your mind? I look forward to your contributions.
  • For an added (optional) challenge, write your poem without using these more obvious words:
    • Reflection
    • Glass
    • Self
    • Shine
Rear view mirror