The Muse behind the Prompts

IT Professional by day – Creative Muse by night

Actually, the two are not as far apart as that headline sounds. My creative side is a huge part of my role as a leader, strategy consultant, and even in programming. I believe everyone (even us business employees labeled as left brain dominant) will benefit from intentionally tapping into their creative side. Doing this opens up possibilities on all levels and having a consistent writing practice is a great way to tap into your creative side. But, if you’re like me, maybe you had some trouble getting started or staying committed. I am on the other side of that now, so I want to help You get started and stay inspired.

Years ago, I started a practice of writing a poem each day. It helps me process things on my mind, it reminds me to seek inspiration, and it gives me a creative diary of my journey as a writer and a person. As an added bonus, I never fear a blank page and can face down any document with ideas about how to get started.

I created this site to share what I write in the hope that it will inspire You to write what’s in your heart, what’s on your mind, or what seems to come from an unknown place.

How it works:

Each week I will post a prompt that I hope will inspire you. After each prompt, I will post a poem I have written for you to enjoy and comment on.

You can follow me on, Twitter, and/or, if you want the Reminder and don’t want my prompts to slip away in a busy social media feed, your best bet is to go to the prompts page and “subscribe” by entering your email address to get weekly prompts sent directly to you.

These posts are my gift to you. Please use them to start or continue your own writing practice. Make it as consistent as you can, you will be rewarded just by the doing of it.