Happy Anniversary 8/7/2022


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My grand experiment to inspire people and share my poetry is two years old today.  After two years, I thought it would be fun to create best-of list. For this, I decided to use the measure of “likes”. This site has a humble following, so I had to use humble numbers when I looked for my most liked posts so far.

Here are the poems with 10 or more likes:

Here are the prompts with 7 or more likes:

After two years of posts and sharing in what they inspire, I have decided to take a break from my poetry and prompting schedule. I want to dedicate more energy to a recent career move and I will decide later if I’m inspired to start posting to this site again. So, tomorrow’s poem will be the last post for the foreseeable future.

Thank you so much to all that have read, responded, and offered encouragement on this site. I will continue to monitor comments here and respond if they come in.

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7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary 8/7/2022

  1. Good luck for all your future endeavours! I enjoyed your prompts and poems a lot, Brian. Thanks for the work and effort you put into them. In my year and a half on WordPress, I have definitely learned that the number of likes doesn’t say the least little thing about the quality of work. There are people with a grand following of a measly handful creating amazing pieces, while some with tens of thousands of followers put out fairly box standard uninspired stuff. It’s hard not to look at likes – let’s be honest, everyone likes likes – but they are just numbers. Have fun whatever you choose to do, and perhaps, at some point, you’ll come back to your prompts and poems.

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    1. Thank you so much for following my posts and adding to my enjoyment of sharing online. I enjoy your writing and look forward to more posts from you. I completely agree about the likes. Still, it seemed like the easiest measure to come up with a best-of list.

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