God and The Universe – My Weekly Poem 7/4/2022

With a profound sense of joy
I humbly concede,
I have always gotten more
than everything I need.

Some say it’s the universe
that energetically provides,
others have god or savior
that judges and decides.

Either way we are a speck
though there’s so much we control,
in our vast inner-space
lies the power we all hold.

By fate or freewill,
I choose my attitude.
For all the world offers
I’m choosing gratitude.

I try to live life humble
and understand my place,
as I make my way
on this earthen ball in space.

Photo by egil sju00f8holt on Pexels.com

This poem was posted for the previous week’s poetry prompt, Receiving.

Published by Vos - Poetry and Prose

IT Professional by day – Creative Muse by night

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