Safe from the Bully – My Weekly Poem 6/27/2022

Do you remember any bullies at school?
I do, I was one of them,
taunting and tormenting.
I stayed safe by stealing safety,
life was a zero-sum game.
I remember a boy named Robbie.
One day, I surprised him and shouted.
I chased him because he ran,
with no agenda for when he was caught.
I saw fright when I did,
then touched his nose and walked away.
I wonder what Robbie remembers;
running from a bully, none of it at all?
I no longer play zero-sum games,
the bully in me, wants to give safety to all.

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This poem was posted for the previous week’s poetry prompt, Bullies.

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2 thoughts on “Safe from the Bully – My Weekly Poem 6/27/2022

  1. I really enjoyed this. It’s brave to admit you were a bully and it’s funny that sometimes things that seem so insignificant to some, are memories of torture to others. I like the ending about keeping others safe!

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