My Four Anchors of Reality – My Weekly Poem 5/16/2022

I may lack the skills to get a good one,
but I know I don’t want a bad one.
I am inclined to always want more,
but there is happiness in having just enough.
something I’m told to make, save, or spend,
but time is an illusion, there to help me move about this world.
something I often think I need to find or give,
but love is an action I do for myself and others.

Act with love,
mark your time,
enjoy the money you have,
and learn enough to do a good job.

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This poem was posted for the previous week’s poetry prompt, Back to Basics.

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2 thoughts on “My Four Anchors of Reality – My Weekly Poem 5/16/2022

  1. Intriguing the way you start with ‘job’ as your first anchor, ‘money’ as your second, before moving towards ‘love’. I guess we often start with the rational. Must have a good job, must make money, and then worry about the rest. In the end though, it’s ‘the rest’ that truly anchors and make us. Nice summary at the end of you poem.

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