Morning Slam – My Weekly Poem 9/27/2021

When you think in the rhythm,
when you think in the rhyme,
when you speak to the beat,
when you do it all the time.

When you say just a little
but it always means a lot.
When you try to be subtle
and it stings when you’re not.

If you’re still on the journey
through the words on this page,
then get ready for the message
that’s about to take the stage.

When you look through the lenses
of the only eyes you’ve got,
you only see what you know
and miss things you know-not.

If you’ve never been poor,
then you don’t feel the strain,
you only see the hardness
that comes from their shame.

If you’ve never been told
that you don’t belong here,
then red rolling lights
won’t shiver you with fear.

And if you’ve been warm and cozy
each time you’ve learned of a murder,
then nail your shoes to the floor,
lace them up and go no further.

But know that eyes are watching
as you try to keep your place;
they may be kept from winning
but they will never leave the race.

Photo by Kha Ruxury on

This poem was posted for the previous week’s poetry prompt, Slam
I’m not sure if I’ll ever participate in a poetry slam but I’ve attended many so I was inspired to write a piece for one.

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