Happy Anniversary 8/7/2021

My grand experiment to have people read my poetry is one year old today. 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I created this site to build a community of poetry readers and writers. I hoped that posting prompts would give writers a reason to visit and that they might read and comment on a few of my poems in the process. In short, I have very selfish motives of wanting people to read and react to my poetry but I also hope to give something back in return. 

When I chose WordPress.com, I did not realize that it already was a community with a network of bloggers that could find and follow my posts. I originally thought I would have to use another network like Twitter to get people to view my site. To my delight, the WordPress community has been kind and extremely prolific in sharing content. Of course, you get about as much energy from a community as you put in and, so far, I have mainly spent time on my own posts and the people that interact with my own content. Despite that, I am grateful to have a humble number of followers and a writer that has linked a new and wonderful poem to almost all of my prompts. 

As the second year begins, I promise to keep reading every piece that is posted in the comments or linked to my site and, unless I find it offensive or hateful, I will like and comment on them as well. I hope this encourages people to write more and that it improves their writing in the process. Posting on this site has encouraged me to select poems I think others will like and helped improve my editing. I am also hoping to receive more comments on my own poems and look forward to suggestions that will make them more enjoyable to read. Simple encouragements are always welcome too. 

I will continue with my current posting schedule and try to make more time to read and comment on your posts. Please post comments on this page if there are changes or improvements to this site that you would like to see. I would especially like to know what types of prompts help inspire you to write.

This post might not prompt a poem but maybe it will prompt you to look back at your own blog and think about how it might look in the future. 

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