The Mouse – My Weekly Poem 7/12/2021

Here is my poem for last week’s poetry prompt, Immersion:

The Mouse

A keen ear could hear the mouse shuffle,
gliding, pausing, then changing direction.
An unhurried sweep of the area,
to seek out what might be useful,
success always marked by a gleeful click.
The room grew quieter as the night drew on
from midnight darkness to bleak wee hours.
A moon-like glow cast hue without shadows
on walls, floor and furniture.
The mouse shuffled on into the night.
Then, all at once, the room came to life
as the desk chair creaked and pushed back.
The moon-glow of the screen switched off,
the digital rabbit holes explored,
the sun, near again to the horizon.

Photo by Jill Burrow on

Published by Vos - Poetry and Prose

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