Morning Encounter – My Weekly Poem 6/21/2021

Here is my poem for last week’s poetry prompt, Wildlife:

Morning Encounter

I see your steady stroll
along the side of the road,
the steep hillside that we’re on,
the sun rising down below.

You draw closer as I pedal
but you do not break your stride.
I see the details of your antlers,
now so close, I see your eye.

You glance in my direction
but you do not jump or veer.
How many bicycles rode by you
before you gave up on your fear?

Yet I know we both stay wary
of what goes rushing by,
we are confident yet vulnerable,
a careless serve and we could die.

Person riding a bicycle down an empty road.
Photo by Pixabay on

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2 thoughts on “Morning Encounter – My Weekly Poem 6/21/2021

  1. I like how you wrote this sort of “to” the deer. Or is it a moose? It reminds me of when I saw some deer in my grandparents’ back yard and, on a different day, a moose in their front yard. 🙂

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