The Smell of Sweet Rain – My Weekly Poem 5/3/2021

Here is my poem for last week’s prompt, Nagging Thoughts:

The Smell of Sweet Rain

I’m collapsed in my cozy chair,
a full workday and commute now done,
I drift from room to dream and back again.

Then a tug from the back of mind
raises eyelids from closing on the day,
a realization that there’s things not done.

My eyes begin to stare at stocking feet
then over to my empty work boots
that now must be filled and walk again.

Aching limbs guide body out the door
around the yard to stacked cement bags,
stacked and delivered just as asked.

The smell of sweet rain then confirms,
the need to get each bag to dry indoors.
The smell of sweet rain that can tug at your mind.

stacked cement bags

Published by Vos - Poetry and Prose

IT Professional by day – Creative Muse by night

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