Routines – My Weekly Poem (Spoken Word w/ Audio) 3/8/2021

Here is my poem for last week’s prompt, Routines:

I recorded a reading of this poem because, god help me, people keep telling me how much they enjoy my voice during conference calls. Please post your reactions in comments. Your feedback may help me start, or save me from, a new habit. Find the audio recording of the poetry reading in the player below:

Routine Days

The past year gave new routines,
the many days of the same,
running together like raindrops
on a gloomy window pane.

Time hurried by
I kept standing still,
no use in making plans
so keeping busy, kept days filled.

The monumental markers
for this year have been erased,
no sign posts to guide their passing,
no moment to mark their place.

It is a year lost in time,
time we know is running out,
but it is a year we will remember
of that, I have no doubt.

Coffee and notebooks in front of a window
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