Community – A Weekly Prompted Poem 2/8/2021

Here is my poem for last week’s prompt, Community:

I thought I knew so much,
I tried to teach it all
anytime I was invited
to anyplace at all.

I had so much to show,
so many things I had done.
I couldn’t wait to share
all the ways in which I’d won.

I had a place in mind,
a place we all should go,
and knew others should follow
to the best place that I know.

But one day I fell silent
and was well set just to brood,
so few wanted my advice
and it began to sink my mood.

I stopped telling all the things I knew
but made sure that I still showed,
to carry out the next best step
per perhaps just share the load.

I would hear each person that I helped,
so many stories there.
So much easier to keep showing up,
so much easier to care.

Now it seems the things I know
are the things I can provide,
my followers moving out ahead
are a greater source of pride.

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